About Position Absolute

Established in 2011, Position Absolute Web Development was created with the goal of providing our clients with creative, thorough and honest solutions for any online digital issues and challenges that they bring to us. The digital world can be intimidating to many people and we are to here to help guide you. Let us help you take your business from the real to the digital world.

Position Absolute Web Development always strives to use the latest technologies in web development and digital marketing. We are always evolving in our knowledge and expertise and challenge is too great for us to handle.

With close to 20 years of experience in website development and creation, starting in the late 90’s creating basic HTML websites on Geocitites, all the way to present day creating full-scale E-Commerce websites using current Content Management Systems, we are always progressing. Members of our team have worked on all shapes and sizes of projects. From automotive dealership websites to real estate listing websites to a simple informational blog, we can handle any project that is presented to us.

With a growing population using their mobile devices to browse websites, we have fully embraced the current standard of Mobile Responsive Design. Instead of having to create a second website for mobile as was the standard 5 years ago, we create a website that converts from desktop to mobile based on screen size. Because this a singular process, there is less cost to client.

With Search Engine Optimization and Marketing being an ever-changing field, it can feel like you are trying to hit a moving target. Position Absolute has prided itself with staying up to date with current techniques as well as always looking at what the next year is going to make popular. It is always better in the SEO world to be developing from ahead instead of playing catch up. Despite these challenges, we are incredibly proud of the results we have shown our clients and we look forward to discussing a search engine optimization plan with you.

This is just a brief outline of the experience Position Absolute Web Development brings to website development and marketing in the Kamloops area as well as what services we can offer our clients to bridge a gap when it comes to the digital world. We always prefer to share our knowledge with our clients and answer any questions that they may have. If you are interested in Website Development, Mobile Responsive Design, Digital Marketing or Search Engine Optimization for your business, please don’t hesitate to Contact Position Absolute today to discuss what solutions we can provide you.