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What good is your new website when nobody can find it?

Picture this scenario.

You have created a new business in a location that is perfect for you. There is room to expand and grow for years to come. But the location is not the most recognizable. You have the sense that the area will be popular in the future but something needs to get the ball rolling. We can also apply this example to a brand new website. Your company could have created the perfect website and you can’t wait to show it off. But if nobody knows where to find it, what is the point of having it?

Where do the problems start?

In our experience, the problems occur from the moment the website launches. You have your new website and your development company tells you that it is now live. What is the next step? Do you sit around and wait for the leads to start coming in? Obviously not or we wouldn’t be talking about this. Post-launch websites require a more proactive approach than that to be successful and actual useful tools.

Where do we begin?

As in any form of marketing, the first step is always to figure out your audience. How are people going to find your website? What words are they going to use to describe your business? If the words that you use to describe your business are not the same as your audience’s, then your audience will not find your site but rather your competition’s. This is where we can begin to help you. Not only are we outsiders to your business and therefore think about it differently than you might, we also have the ability to figure out how other people are currently searching for similar businesses to yours. This process is referred to as Keyword Research. Once we have your keywords figured out, we can begin to apply them to your website. This involves changes to page titles, descriptions and content.

What is next?

Once your website is actually using the correct Keywords to describe your business, it is time to spread the word about your new website. This process is started by informing search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) that your website is ready to be indexed. Indexing is an action that a search engine does when it scans the content on your website with the intention of listing that website on their search engine results. The reason for this step is that a search engine will eventually find your website. But there is no guarantee on how long this process will take. By submitting the website for indexing, this step is accomplished in a short period of time. This means that your website will be searchable within days of being launched as opposed to weeks or months.

To finish up.

The final step of our online marketing approach is to provide your website and your brand with some online authority. This is done by submitting your website to online resources with the intention of telling search engines that your website is not just a one-off occurrence and that other resources also recognize your business.